The Tourniquet Hemisphere EP

by Ecferus

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Pro tape available at:

4-panel J-card with lyrics. Edition of 100 copies on black tapes with gold labels.


released September 2, 2015

All instruments and vocals by ALP.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Volcataclysmic
The magma is angry
Its sunken eyes smoke
Screams in lava
Melted words lose form

My rage becomes an island
Where I live alone
Only water surrounds me
Until the next one explodes

A dark cloud I cast
Upon the skies of Earth
Human famine resulting
Rotten crops my sole feast

My tectonic mind
Is a place of suppression
Molten esotericism
They forever will fear
My threat of eruption
Mass extinction
Exacting is my timing to blow
I create a clean slate
When I can’t take anymore

Evacuate this place
We must outrun or die
Enshrined in ash forever
We return to Earth

Mountains laugh
Valleys cheer
No beast will ever walk
This land again
Track Name: Proletarian Chains
The gatekeepers squeeze
Until all breathing cease
Until the egg cracks whole
And the yolk drips
Others of the ilk clan
No longer worthless
Never has my body
Been with greater purpose

Storm the gates
Trample the guards
A flood of rushing human bodies
Draw the second blood
In the face of revolution
The king becomes weak
The vagrant becomes martyr
Actors in a tragedy

Scheming from your sovereign throne
The mob lacerates your throat

Privileged blood now falls to the ground

Few stories are written
That arrive at the truth
Perception informed by deception
Voices go mute

Make a border
With bodies built of armor
Your weapons have no affect
Your programming I reject

Privileged blood now falls to the ground
Track Name: The Matter of Illusory Grey
Deception of light
Before void collapsed inversion
Destruction of mind
Expel corroded desire
Perpetual corridor to nowhere
Manifestations of hopeless self
Locked thoughts
White noise deafens
Dreaming unraveling consciousness
Sordid existence shines the last chapter
Blurs the first to unreason
Catastrophic irrelevance
The indignance of my waking self
Breathes the venom of serpent focus
The wrath is my secret
My mind a tourniquet taught
A split dishonest Venn
The middle never as it should read
I am not the face before you
The world is not your reflection of thoughts