Shadow Projection

by Ecferus

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A quick and unexpected follow-up to the recent full-length album released by I, Voidhanger records, "Pangaea”, ECFERUS’ new mini-album, “Shadow Projection”, is a departure from the former’s polished technicality, and a shift conceptually from the third person mythological frameworks. “Shadow Projection” instead channels the psyche of a being in violent conflict with its environment upon darkened songcraft; a mind in rebellion to the material, permutating caustic human energy to non-Earthly emanations of the abyss; an alchemical process of the psyche; a Jungian process of psychic transformation with the end goal being not individuation but disintegration into cosmic primitivity.

Recorded from April to May 2016 at Ghost Cave Studios in maddening solitude. All instruments and vocals by ALP. Artwork by Alex Shadrin.


released July 15, 2016

All instruments and vocals by ALP
Artwork by Alex Shadrin



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Track Name: Alchemical Moon
That which lurks in shadow
Appears to the seeking man
My perception mistook for madness
The inner eye projects the universe
Spirits move like clouds
Morphing sun to blur
Beasts of sky evacuate
Exalted rays of the moon hiss sparks
The serpent of my dreams
Changes form in the water

As I am now under water
I slither through the murk
To a palace at the bottom
Everyone I know was there
Boiled to a powder

The projection is the truth
The flesh a trite fable
The secret lives in fruited soil
Deep in the gut of entranced ones

Forests in the haze
Grasp the vision
Gnash it with my teeth
Swallow it whole
Transmigratory permutations
Collapsed in debris
Rebuild from center
The clash of time
With experience
Vacuums of energy
Eternal Meditation
Track Name: Howling Canyons in the Sulcus
My body forged with molten iron
Feet feel fire under miles of stone
At the center of everything is darkness
In absence infinite presents
Steam rises from mental filth
Distill the caustic to useful tools
I sharpen my senses
To a coming of intent
Success the purity of motive
Zero is infinite
The solids vibrate
In the liquid’s boil
Energy is lifted
Smoke answers unknown
Furrow cast landscape torn
Brain sulci solstice forms
Harvest thought
Open the hand
Epochs of great tragedy
In the aged canyon folds
Epochs of great tragedy
In the aged canyon folds
Track Name: Deceiving Bloody Masks
Opaque the waters’ murky soup
Islands rise, fire born
Only to boil the oceans again
And a new mixture forms
Through telepathy I animate the dead
They dance in unison to decay
Ash stains the rivers
Coagulated bloods create the dams
Each day more souls expand the tornadoes’ reach
The debris on which a cog sleeps
Blissfully smoking pipes of cast out brain matter

The galloping of unison evacuation
Towards the hollow eyes and bleeding masks of deception

Blind spot of the church bunker
Soldiers of a satirical prophet
The shallow barrier between gray hemispheres
The 100 billionth roach to crawl across desert scrolls

Vomiting your diseased prophesy
I hope you suffer while choking on messiah blood

The galloping of unison evacuation
Towards the hollow eyes and bleeding masks of deception

Repulsed, repulsed, repulsed
Kingdom, kingdom, kingdom
Revulse, revulse, revulse
Blindfolds, blindfolds, blindfolds
Track Name: Battlebrain
The fear of pain my institution
Suffering the only constant
Pyre flames begin the circle
Pure sensory experience
Aisles of stacked sepulture
Funeral to worldly conscious

Entrance to the realm of catatonic
The divisions of mind ever present
Invisible lacerations that never heal
Cannot preserve the intellect while suffocating
I see in chaos the only solution

Track Name: Reduced to Cosmic Shreds
Serpents crawl over mandibles
Decaying in sand
Naked windows glowing secrets
A murderous memory packed in smiles
Lie in blood

Smelling death
Secluded shed
Arrived through woods
I dreamt this

Craters tell a violent past
At speeds that end civilizations

My severed hand still feels pains
From the mouth of a monster
Not born yet
Hunting on the heels of an alien
A spy gathering information
Our weaknesses they will exploit
Soon will strike
Archetypes in 10 billion minds
Supplanted by non-humans
Biologic finale

Nano machines
Proteins activating robot dreams
Nucleic seeds spark your blood stream
Is downloading

All feelings gone
Bred out for good
Serve your master
Suppress your thoughts
Programmed Information
Exists finite
Dream in unison
Uniform existence

A call echoes from the distant past
Cannot tell if it's a warning
In a language I do not understand
But the message undeniably terror