Of Water & Wood

by Ecferus / Sea Witch

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Pro tape available at Small Doses:


"This recording is not the simple split release that the title suggests. It is actually far more unique and special. It brings together Nova Scotian doom duo Sea Witch and the one man US black metal project Ecferus. Each band contributes one track on their own, one track featuring the other, and one truly collaborative track that truly melds both of their unique takes on their genre, finding a place and sound neither has brought forth before. The entire 30 minute epic is on each side of the cassette, so the 5-song cycle can be heard uninterrupted. Each cassette is packaged in a screen-printed brad pack with an insert. Edition of 100 copies." -Small Doses


released August 4, 2015



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Track Name: Sea Witch ft. Ecferus - The Orbis Spike
I carry the bones back where they were born
The slaves sacrificed to the New World's rotting border
Man's appetite for disgusting proud stature
Rewrites a story Earth was meant to author
The trees grew in the place of the fallen
The plagued, the abused, the war torn, men stolen
Ghost trees breathe – they eat the heat
An ice age befell as they plant teeth
In the neck of the weak, Earth overcome by ambition
The evil proceed with deceptive speed
Anthropocene we're all just servants to your fervent destruction
Track Name: Sea Witch & Ecferus - Inherit The Debris
Tiny speck in a sea of rot
Plastic death by noxious bath
Boiling monsters loom in the deepest waters
They forage sickly through garbage
Cooking sewer porridge
Fish swim in toilet swirls
Fistula to the underworld
Clocks strike the deadline
Suck on this pipeline
Gargantuan oil machine
The bank account of wet dreams
Sucker, lie until it's achieved:
Global obediency
Track Name: Ecferus - Upon Shoulders of Wear
Become one with the water
Become one with the sea
In waves' psychic graveyards
The tide pleads to let go and breathe
At the bottom of the Red Sea is where my father lives
I continue his journey on a vessel made by hand
Each day our home is getting colder
The sun is hunted, the moon will make you suffer
Those that came before me died in erythmatous waters
I overcome their fate into Arabia journey farther
Become one with the water
Summoned, Below the desert is a time of rain and green
I meet the shocking others
Their tools cut deep as their words are brief
My thoughts never wander from my fallen father
The ancient and the present are one